Use x360Recover within VLAN environments

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Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 25th, 2022

While x360Recover does not yet have direct support for configuration of VLANs within the product, it is still possible to use x360Recover in environments with multiple VLANS, for backup and disaster recovery through virtualization of protected systems. 

Configure a x360Recover device to access a separate VLAN

In order to configure your x360Recover device to access a separate VLAN: 

  • Your device must have 2 or more network adapters installed
  • Your network switch must allow configuration of a specific port to a VLAN in untagged mode. 
  1. Select an available network adapter on your device (other than the primary management adapter) and determine which port on your network switch it is connected to. 
  2. Configure that switch port as ‘Untagged’ within the network VLAN that you wish your x360Recover device to have access to. 
  3. Once the networking layer has been configured on the switch, assign an IP address to the network adapter within x360Recover that is valid for the target VLAN network.  (Assign only IP address and Subnet Mask.  x360Recover does not support multiple gateway addresses, so the default gateway must remain on the primary network adapter.)
  4. Protected systems running within this VLAN can now target the appliance directly for backups using the secondary network adapter.  

In this way, a single appliance could be shared across multiple isolated VLAN networks without the need of any routing between networks.  Your x360Recover device simply needs to have enough physical network adapters installed to connect to each VLAN network you require access to.

To virtualize a protected system on an assigned VLAN





1. To virtualize a protected system on an assigned VLAN, select Live Mode

This will enable the assignment of physical network adapters to the virtual machine.


2. For each virtual network adapter present within your protected system, assign the physical x360Recover device network adapter you would like the virtual machine to utilize. 

(Select the physical adapter that has been configured for the VLAN you wish to run the virtual machine within.)


Direct management of VLANs and virtual network adapters within x360Recover will be implemented sometime in the future, but this workaround leveraging physical network adapters can be utilized in the meantime to provide such functionality now.


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