Manage agent bandwidth throttling of Direct-to-Cloud network vault traffic

x360Recover BDR FAQs

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 11th, 2023

Agent 3.x

To configure network bandwidth limits for Agent 3.x, modify the config.json file in the agent installation directory and add the following:

“send_mbps_per_second” : “<limit>” 

where <limit> is a whole or fractional numeric value expressed in megabits per second (i.e. NETWORK_MBPS=1.5 or NETWORK_MBPS=5, etc.)

  • Optionally, you may specify a separate network bandwidth setting for full backups.  If no bandwidth setting is specified for full backups, they will default to the settings applied to Incremental backups above:

“send_mbps_per_second_for_full” : “<limit>”  where <limit> is a whole or fractional numeric value expressed in Megabits per Second (i.e. NETWORK_MBPS=1.5 or NETWORK_MBPS=5, etc.)

Agent 3.x settings format

Note: Agent 3.x uses a JSON formatted structure that requires proper syntax to be present when modifying settings.

JSON is a structured format containing one or more keys with associated values.  JSON objects contain sets of key/value pairs bracketed within ‘{‘ and ‘}’ characters to denote the beginning and end of the content.  Keys and values are separated by ‘:’ and each set is separated by a comma.  The value of a key may be another JSON object, allowing for nesting of complex values and objects within the JSON.

As an example, the network bandwidth settings described above would be represented as:


    “send_mbps_per_second” : “1.5”,

    “send_mbps_per_second_for_full” : “5”


Disk IO throttling

Agent 3.x

To configure Agent 3.x Disk IO throttling, add the following keys to the config.json file in the agent directory:

“max_read_megabytes_per_second_per_volume” : “<limit>


“max_read_megabytes_per_second_per_volume_for_full” : “<limit> 

CPU priority

Agent 3.0.0 and newer support setting the CPU priority under which the agent will execute on the protected system. 

Note:  We do not recommend adjusting this setting unless you are directed to do so by Axcient Support.

To configure this option, edit config.json in the agent installation directory and set the following key:

“cpu_priority” : “<priority>”

<priority> may be one of: “High”, “AboveNormal”, “Normal”, “BelowNormal” , or “Idle”

The default Agent CPU priority value is “BelowNormal”


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