x360Cloud [INDEX]

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 11th, 2024


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Welcome to the x360Cloud Index

We've designed this index is your "jumping off point" to explore our rich knowledgebase collection.

Section 1: Get started with x360Cloud

1. Sign up and configure MFA                               

2.  Navigate x360Cloud                           

 3. Create and configure organizations                          

 4. Create clients and users                            

 5. Administrator settings                            

6.  Billable accounts                         

 7. Navigate your Reseller Portal in x360Cloud

Section 2: Backup with x360Cloud

1. Automatically back up data

 2. Manually select data for backup

 3. Backup statuses and troubleshooting

Section 3: Manage with x360Cloud 

1.  Search data

 2. Manage organizations and accounts

 3. Restore data

 4. Integrate with ConnectWise

Section 4: Monitor and report with x360Cloud

1. Monitor organizations

 2. View and download reports

 3. View and export audit logs