Axcient Support Service Level Agreements - SLAs

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 16th, 2022

Support Service Level Agreements (SLA)

 Issue Severity
 Support Response Time
 Critical A significant business-impacting  issue that interferes with normal business operations  < 60 minutes

 High A business-impacting issue that does not affect normal business operations

 < 4 business hours

All other issues  < 1 business day
 Low Issues designated by the partner as low priority, such as  minor feature  requests  < 2 business days

Support hours

All critical issues covered 24/7

x360Recover - D2C/Replibit
    Mon - Fri     24/5
x360Recover - BRC/Fusion      Mon - Fri     6 AM to 6 PM MT
x360Sync     Mon - Fri    6 AM to 6 PM MT
x360Cloud     Mon - Fri    4 AM to 5:30 PM MT
All other products     Mon - Fri    6 AM to 5:30 PM MT

GMT support hours are here:

Additional SLA Terms

  • Continuity Cloud Provisioning SLA 

If the issue severity is critical, and a partner will be paying for Continuity Cloud usage, new Continuity Cloud nodes will be provisioned and accessible to the partner within 60 minutes of the critical ticket being submitted. 

If the issue severity is not critical, and partner will be paying for Continuity Cloud usage, new Continuity Cloud nodes will be provisioned within 1 business day.

If the Partner is receiving a demo or free Continuity Cloud services, nodes are provisioned based on queued demand, and available free/demo capacity; no guarantees are made regarding timing or availability of demo/free capacity. 


Examples of Issue Severity

Product Critical severity examples High Severity Examples
(All products) Complete service outage Partial service outage

x360Cloud Major restore operations,  e.g., organizational units; security failures  Non-major restore operations (e.g., single user); restore operations working, but slow; other features impacted (e.g. search filtering, report views, etc.)

  • Direct-to-Cloud (D2C)
  • BRC/Fusion
Total service impact; unable to conduct business Backups repeatedly failing, appliance or vault down

x360Sync  Inability to access or sync data

Slow file syncing
Backup for Files Restoring files and folder needed for critical business applications

Backups repeatedly failed
BDR Server down restores, or server down virtualizations of backups

Backups that have repeatedly failed
Continuity Cloud Critical Continuity Cloud usage, server down restores Further configuration of the Continuity Cloud, setting up backups of VMs running on the Continuity Cloud


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