Enable FTP client timestamps

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 21st, 2022

IMPORTANT:  By default, most FTP clients are NOT configured to preserve the original time stamp of files being transferred.

If you need to preserve the original file system time stamp on files being downloaded for recovery, you must adjust the default settings for your FTP client. 

To do this, please refer to the client-specific instructions below:


Filezilla places this option within easy reach on the Transfer menu.  

1.  Click the Transfer menu.

2. Select Preserve timestamps of transferred files


To preserve timestamps in WinSCP, you must edit the settings of the default transfer type.

1.  From the Options menu, open Preferences

2. From the Preferences dialog, select Transfer from the left menu.

3. From the Transfer settings presets, select Default and then click Edit.

4. From the Transfer settings dialog, navigate to the Common options section and select  Preserve Timestamps.

If you wish to include directories, check the Including directories check box.

5. Click OK to close the Transfer settings screen.

6. Click OK to close Preferences and save your new settings changes.

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