Connect D2C vaults with the Management Portal

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at April 19th, 2022

In the Management Portal (MP), the Users page allows you to create an API key so that you can integrate each vault with the MP. When you create a user in the Users page, the MP automatically generates an API key that you can use for integration purposes. 

1. In the MP, click the Users tab. 

The Users page displays, showing a list of all previously generated API keys.

Note You can optionally share customer-specific user credentials to allow the customer to log in and view their managed devices. Most partners, however, choose not to share these credentials. If you are interested in sharing user credentials with a customer, please contact Axcient Support for advice and best practices.

2. Option 1: In most cases, simply record the admin API key that is automatically generated for the MP admin user during the provisioning process.

You can optionally use this admin API key to integrate each vault that you support.

3. Option 2: Alternatively, for management purposes, you can generate a new API key for each customer that you support. This approach is especially useful if you plan to give your customer login access to the MP. Please contact Axcient Support for more information regarding this process. 

To create an API key:

a. Click the Add button. The Add page displays, prompting you to create a new username and password for the user.

b. In the Username field, enter a unique username for the customer.

c. In the Password field, enter a complex password for the customer.

d. In the Role field, select customer to indicate this is a customer user.

e. Click the Submit button when you are finished. The system will automatically generate a new API key for this customer. Record this API key.


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