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Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 26th, 2023


Most operating systems (Windows included) do not allow you to map a drive to hosts whose identity has not been confirmed by a third-party (GoDaddy, Verisign, Thawte, etc.) WebDAV connects on port 443, so you must configure SSL on your x360Sync server in order to accept these connections. This article will outline steps for completing this process.

To configure an SSL certificate for your x360Sync server, you will follow two main steps:

  1. Chain copies of your yourdomainname.crt and yourbundle.crt together (these were generated when configuring SSL for your Apache server).
  2. Modify the C:\x360Sync Server\conf\config.ini file to point to the new combinedbundle.crt and copied yourdomainname.key file.

Important Notes

NOTE: Configuring SSL on your x360Sync server is different than configuring SSL for Apache. You must configure SSL for Apache before configuring SSL for your x360Sync server. For more information, please reference the How Do I Configure a Single Domain SSL Certificate or a Wildcard Certificate Knowledgebase article. 

Note: While WebDAV can provide a number of benefits for an organization, it is important to note that WebDAV is an extension of the HTTP protocol, and is unrelated to the x360Sync system. Some of its limitations and known issues cannot be controlled by the x360Sync support team. For more information, please reference the What are WebDAV's Limitations and Known Issues Knowledgebase article.

Note: If you are using Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012, refer to the following Microsoft knowledge base article for adding the Desktop Experience feature. For information on using the WebDAV Redirector, please reference the Using the WebDAV Redirector article.


Chaining Together yourbundle.crt and yourdomainname.crt

  1. COPY the following three files from your Apache folder (likely located in C:\Apache24\conf\ssl) and PASTE THEM INTO your C:\x360Sync Server\conf folder:
    1. yourdomainname.crt file (corresponding to your secure domain) 
    2. yourbundle.crt (intermediate certifcate) 
    3. yourdomainname.key (key file)
  2. Open up the newly copied yourdomainname.crt file, SELECT ALL of its contents, and then COPY its contents.
  3. Open up the newly copied yourbundle.crt file and place your mouse cursor at the beginning of the document (before the first character).
  4. PASTE the contents of yourdomainname.crt into the top of of yourbundle.crt.
  5. Save the modified yourbundle.crt as combinedbundle.crt or other recognizable name.

Modify the config.ini File

  1. Open up your C:\x360Sync Server\conf\config.ini file
  2. Under the [server] heading, change the two following values to point to your modified combinedbundle.crt and your copied yourdomainname.key file (in order, respectively):
  • ssl_crt = "C:/x360Sync Server/conf/combinedbundle.crt"
  • ssl_key = "C:/x360Sync Server/conf/yourdomainname.key"
  • Save the config file and restart your x360Sync Server Service.




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