Seeding data to the x360Sync server - x360Sync

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 26th, 2023


To facilitate the transfer of large data sets to the x360Sync Server, it is possible to seed data.


  1. Copy the data you would like to seed to a portable medium (hard drive, USB drive, and so forth).
  2. Install an agent on the x360Sync Server and register it to the user for whom you would like to seed the data. You can also register it to any user who has access to the Team Share(s) to which you would like to seed the data.
  3. Copy the data from the portable medium to the Synced Folder or Team Share for the registered user.
  4. The data will get compressed, encrypted, and transferred to the x360Sync Server locally with rapid transfers.
  5. Once syncing has completed, you can un-register the agent and delete the local files (in that order).





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