Troubleshoot Azure Active Directory (AD) - x360Portal

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 4th, 2023

Our developers recommend the following steps to troubleshoot Azure Active Directory (AD) when working with the Axcient x360Portal:

Approve pending requests 

  • First, log in to your Azure Active Directory (AD) admin console.
  • Then, check for any pending requests for enterprise applications named x360Portal
    • If you have pending requests for enterprise apps named x360Portal, please have an Azure administrator approve them. 
    • Then, attempt to log into the X360Portal again.

If issues still occur after completing the steps above (or if you have confirmed that the x360Portal app has already been approved), please follow these additional steps below:

STEP 1. Delete the app(s)

STEP 1.1. Open Azure Active Directory

STEP 1.2. Open Enterprise Applications

STEP 1.3. Look for any enterprise apps that mention x360Portal

STEP 1.4. Open each x360Portal application

STEP 1.5. Click on Properties

STEP 1.6. Delete the application

Do this for each application that mentions x360Portal. 

STEP 2. Log in to the x360Portal (again)

STEP 2.1. Go to the Axcient Partner Portal login page at

STEP 2.2. Click Login with Microsoft

STEP 2.3. Click Accept for MSO365 permissions

STEP 2.4. Click Link to an existing user

STEP 2.5. Return to the Axcient Partner Portal login page and login with the email address option. Use the same MSO365 email address and your Axcient Partner Portal password. NOTE: You may need to click on Forgot your password if you did not set one previously or if you don't remember the credentials. You may also need to configure MFA.

STEP 2.6. After logging in to the Axcient Partner Portal page, log back out.

STEP 2.7. On the Axcient Partner Portal logon page, click on Login with Microsoft

Need more help?

Please let us know if you continue to have problems with your Azure AD logon, by calling support at 800.352.0248, opt.2, from 8 am to 5 pm Eastern Time (UTC-5), Monday thru Friday.




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