How to submit a Support ticket

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 14th, 2023

1. To create a Support ticket, log in to the x360Portal. 

2. Click the Support tab.

3. Click the orange Create New button to add a new ticket.

4. When the Submit Request screen opens, select the request type you want to submit:

Under the Request Type drop down, choose the product you need assistance with: 

5.  After you have selected the desired product, complete the form which appears: 

Note on priority level settings: 

  • Low priority = 48 hour response
  • Medium priority =  24 hour response
  • High priority =  4 hour response
  • Critical (down production server ONLY) priority =  1 hour response

6. When all fields have been completed, click Submit to complete your request.

What happens next?

You will receive an email with a ticket number and a link to review the ticket status or add additional comments.  


If you click on the link to manage the ticket, you will be prompted to log in to the x360Portal:


After you log in to the x360Portal, click on the Support tab to view all of your tickets. 



Please note: The above instructions apply to Support requests for

  • x360Recover 
  • x360Sync 
  • x360Cloud
  • Veeam and Axcient-supported third party BDR products

Please contact your Account Representative with any questions regarding BRC and Fusion Support requests

 CUSTOMER SUPPORT  | 720-204-4500 | 800-352-0248  

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  • Please contact your Partner Success Manager or Support if you have specific technical questions.
  • Subscribe to the Axcient Status page for a list of status updates and scheduled maintenance.

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