Mar 10 2020 - v 1.22.0 - Release Notes x360Portal

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 16th, 2021


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      March 10 2020

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New Feature 

SMS MFA authentication

We’ve added a new MFA authentication method: SMS. Users are now able to configure their mobile phone number to receive their temporary MFA code for login. The new option can be found in the MFA Setup Wizard under My Account.   

Detailed instructions on enabling MFA and using SMS authentication are here:


Modified locked user behavior

Previously, a user was locked out for one hour after ten invalid login attempts. After one hour, if the 11th login attempt was invalid, the user was again locked out for an additional hour.

Now, the user's number of attempts will be reset back to zero after the initial one hour lockout expires.

Note: MFA & Recovery Codes input count towards the ten login attempts.


  • Fixed issue with attempting to re-use a Change Username link that was already used.


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