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Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 27th, 2023

Modern antivirus solutions (especially heuristic-based solutions like Sentinel One) are highly complex. They are also paranoid in their efforts to protect your systems from malicious actors. (Rightfully so!)

By their nature, backup agents interact with a system at a low level, using elevated privileges necessary to capture complete data protection. This sometimes causes backup agents to cross paths with antivirus software actively looking to prevent bad things from happening to your system.

Axcient strives to interoperate with all major antivirus vendors, and we perform extensive testing wherever possible. But wild and crazy things still happen from time to time.  In the rare event that you need to explicitly exclude your antivirus utility from scanning the x360Recover agent, you may make the following exclusions to your scanning settings.

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Exclude the agent installation folder

The simplest way to exclude the agent from antivirus scanning is to exclude the agent installation folder entirely.  

By default, the agent installation folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\Replibit

Be aware this location may have been changed during installation.  

The agent installation path can be found in the Windows Registry at


If you wish to make a more targeted exclusion rule, exclude the following files inside the agent installation folder from scanning: 














Exclude the Analysis Tool

You must also exclude the Analysis Tool, which is found at:

 C:\Program Files (x86)\Replibit\xcloud-analysis-tool.exe


Exclude AutoVerify / bootVM checks

During the nightly boot check, a communications driver is injected in the system image to create a COM port for communicating between the running VM and the appliance.  

On rare occasions, some antivirus scanners block the installation of this driver and prevent Autoverify operations from completing successfully.  

To prevent antivirus scanning from interfering with AutoVerify operations, add a scanning exclusion for:


Note:  This file is not installed into the production environment. It is only deployed temporarily during nightly boot checks within the virtual machine image, and discarded afterward.


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