5b. Access remote replication using RDWeb

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at October 25th, 2021

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1. Log in with the AD credential provided to you via an email from Axcient Support. 

After you successfully login to the Application Gateway, you will see a list of Remote Apps and Desktops you are currently assigned. Note: Depending on the service offerings you receive from Axcient, you may have more than one choice. Most partners will only have one ImageManager target to select, but if you happen to have more than one, insure you are selecting the one you wish to manage.

2. Start ImageManager for your replication targets only.

3. Click on the target you wish to manage.

4. The Remote Application Link will download manage. To access the Axcient BDR for ShadowProtect cloud with an SFTP client, you need to use the customer Web Portal credentials used to send the data to the cloud. This would be the same credentials used in the local instance of ImageManager at the customer site. Note: See Step 8 in the section titled “Set Up A Replication Location”.

5. Run the Remote Application Link to open ImageManager on the target.

6. You can now setup the remote retention and processing time.
NOTE: We recommend that you keep a minimum of 12 months collapsed rollups in the cloud.

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