Fix ShadowProtect configuration when remote ImageManager cannot connect

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 26th, 2021

Issue: When accessing the RDWeb application to connect to the remote ImageManager, it spins and never connects. 

Cause: Remote RDWeb Application is configured with the wrong information.


Because the RDWeb application allows you to connect directly into the application running on the vault, the remote ImageManager should only show localhost : 56765 on the left side.

It should not show the full vault name.


The above connection, with the full vault name on it, is wrong. It should show "localhost" just like the local installation of ImageManager does. 

Potential Solution: If you have attempted to set up ImageManager on your RDWeb, using your node address and 37037 port, you can remove the following instructions:

1. Log into the machine with the specific affected User account on the computer that was misconfigured. This cannot be done remotely from another profile. 

2. Close the ImageManager client.

3. Browse to the following path:


 4. Open the ImageManager directory in that location. It will look similar to the below name:


 5. Open the folder with the current version number.

For example:

6. Find the latest user.config file and open it in a text editor.

7. Edit the field to remove the bad agent connection.

An example of the text to remove is highlighted below in  RED 

  <setting name="AgentConnections" serializeAs="Xml">


           <ArrayOfAgentConnection xmlns:xsi=""


                   <AgentConnection Host="" Port="37037"   

                     Password="0PAIX85aWRRzO2PHFaNmBA==" /> 

              <AgentConnection Host="localhost" Port="56765"      

             Password="0PAIX85aWRRzO2PHFaNmBA==" />




 8. Save the file and relaunch the ImageManager client.