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Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 22nd, 2021



How to navigate your Reseller Portal

How to configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

How to protect Microsoft Teams


What can organization-level administrators do in x360Cloud?

How to manage organizations in the Reseller Portal

How to create new organization-level user accounts

How to create an organization: Microsoft 365

How to create an organization: Google Workspace

How to delete organization-level user accounts

How to monitor services from an organization dashboard

How to select end user accounts for backup

How to select SharePoint Site Collections for backup


How to download a backup report

How to view audit logs

How to export audit logs

How to view organization reports


Search & Restore:

How to search with Smart Search

How to restore objects

How to select multiple accounts for backup

Configuration and Tasks:

How to manage shared mailboxes in Microsoft 365

How to create API members, keys and default services in ConnectWise

How to configure ConnectWise PSA settings and enable ticketing

How to enable OneDrive backup for an organization

How to grant new permissions required in v.2.6.0

How to manage a domain name change

How to update expired passwords: Microsoft 365

How to launch x360Cloud from the x360Portal

How to sign up for an x360Cloud Reseller Account


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