Oct 04 2023 - Manager 4.59

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 31st, 2024



    x360Recover Manager (RMC)  v 4.59

 Release Date:

    October 4, 2023

Release overview 

x360Recover Manager (RMC) 4.59 includes new features and bug fixes.

Summary of enhancements

  • We've released a new Executive Summary report, designed to generate a high-level overview of a client’s backup health, including statistics on the number of protected systems and the estimated RTO. 

You can also use an additional level of detail to generate a listing of the client’s protected systems and SLA history. 

We hope this new report helps facilitate your regular business reviews. Check it out in the Reports tab of x360Recover.

Instructions on how to generate the new report are available here:

Summary of bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some report filters were not applied
  • Fixed an incorrect tooltip on the System Details dashboard.

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