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Written By Heather Hootman ()

Updated at October 14th, 2021

When you host x360Sync on your own server, it is recommended that you configure x360Sync and its components according to best practices.

The system requirements for the server are as follows:

  Requirement Minimum Recommended
  Hard Disk 80GB minimum hard disk, with 350mb required for installation

  1TB+ direct-attached hard disk

  6gb/s transfer speed

  32mb cache

  7200+RPM or SSD

  Ram   2gb   6gb
  CPU   2Ghz single core   3Ghz quad-core
  • Windows 2012
  • Windows 2012 R2
  •  Windows Server 2016

You should install the most current revision of x360Sync and its components using the Setup Wizard.

By default, the Setup Wizard installs the following services on one machine:

  • x360Sync Server
  • Apache Server
  • PostgreSQL Database

NOTE: You must contact the x360Sync Support Team to schedule a consultation before configuring a high availability environment.

TCP ports

Before installing x360Sync and its components, please be aware that the following TCP ports must be open on the firewall:

  • 510—HTTPS connections
  • 443—Secure agent-server connections
  • 80—HTTP connections

Back up and restore the x360Sync server

We recommend that you perform a file-level backup on the drive where your file store exists, and a bare-metal backup of your x360Sync server. These can be scheduled at the same time for consistency.

There are three components that we recommend you back up in order to ensure rapid restoration and prevent data loss:

  • File store—stores raw binary data, and is configured during the system setup process. This can be configured as a file-level backup.
  • DB store—stores file and folder metadata. By default, this is located at c:\x360Sync Server\store_#. Because these databases typically reside on the same drive as your server, we recommend that you perform a bare-metal snapshot of this drive for quick restoration.
  • PostgreSQL—stores business object information, including accounts, usernames, and passwords. It is located at c:\PostgreSQL9.1\. This also resides on the same drive as the x360Sync Server and should be included in the bare-metal backup.

This section will provide detailed instructions for installing x360Sync, configuring x360Sync, and setting up SSL certificates. When setting up SSL certificates, please note that you can use an existing SSL certificate, convert an existing IIS .pfx file, or configure a new SSL certificate (or wildcard certificate) for use.


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