Mar 09 2023 - Manager (RMC) 4.44

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 14th, 2023



    x360Recover Manager (RMC)  v 4.44

 Release Date:

    March 09 2023

Release overview

x360Recover Manager 4.44 includes workflow and performance updates.

Summary of enhancements

  • Users accessing RMC will always be directed to their Dashboard page, rather than the last page visited in a previous session. This helps to optimize the workflow by reducing the number of clicks required, and lays the groundwork for further upcoming improvements to x360Recover Manager (RMC)’s workflow.
  • The Axcient x360Recover logo in the top-left of x360Recover Manager (RMC) pages now correctly functions as a link, bringing you to your Dashboard page.
  • The language, icons, and tooltips around some aspects of the System Details Dashboard have been updated to improve clarity.
  • Performance of the Client Dashboard and Client Settings pages is improved.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with BRC protected systems being displayed in the Devices filter for x360Recover’s Backup History report.



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