6. Local monitoring with OBM - ShadowProtect

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at October 25th, 2021

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Axcient’s BDR for ShadowProtect cloud integrates with our Online Backup Manager (OBM) software, providing quick, machine-level visibility into your customer’s ShadowProtect backups.

These instructions will help you set up and use this integration for effective local monitoring. 

1. Create a new account for customers with ShadowProtect images sent to the Axcient cloud

  1. Log in to the Backup Portal

  2. Create a new account

2.Download and install the Online Backup Manager software.

Note: v3.14.0 or higher must be installed for detailed BDR for ShadowProtect local monitoring

3. Configure your ShadowProtect software with the following:

  • Select the drives which contain the images to be backed up

  • Select the destination for the backups

  • Specify the backup schedule as Continuous Incremental 

NOTE: The default backup schedule is weekly. Reset this to Continuous Incremental instead.

4. Set up monitoring on a local ImageManager machine:

Open the Backup Manager program and click on the Folders tab.


 Locate and click on the VolumeImages folder to add it.


 Return to the main OBM menu and select the VolumeImages folder.

Now, click on the Policy tab, on the far lower right of the screen.

Select Set Policy and then select Monitor ShadowProtect Images.


After you have checked the Yes box next to Do Not Backup Data, return to the OBM main menu, to view the files and folders in your primary account. Note that the folder has been highlighted in yellow, as shown below:

Finally, schedule the monitoring report to run daily.

 Note: Set the monitoring report starting time to run Daily at 1:00 AM, once per day, on all seven days. (See example below)

ImageManager is normally scheduled to run at 12:05 AM, so when the OBM runs the monitoring report at 1:00 AM, the OBM monitoring report should indicate if ImageManager encountered any issues earlier.

View machine-level monitoring in the Backup Portal

  • Once your local server’s OBM software is monitoring ShadowProtect’s ImageManager managed directories, you will be able to see the status of each backed-up machine within the Backup Portal.
  • To access the Backup Portal, navigate to https://backup.securewebportal.net/ and login using your account credentials.
  • Within the Backup Portal, navigate to the Reports tab and click on Dash Panel

Within the Dash Panel report,  each machine protected by ShadowProtect (and backed up to the Axcient cloud) is displayed as a sub-row underneath your account:

 Zoom in on this report (from left to right) for the following information for each machine instance:

Status:    Machine Type:       Backup Data:                       Last Backup:           Last Successful Backup

Key to status icons:


Green Check

Everything is OK. No errors or warnings issued at this time


Yellow Warning

The machine has one or more warnings (but no errors).  View the column labeled ‘Problem’ for more information about the warning(s).


Red X

The machine has 1 or more errors.  (Warnings may exist too).  View the column labeled ‘Problem’ for more information about the error(s).

Key to Machine (Type) icons:



A machine replicated from a local server to an Axcient cloud VM using ImageManager iFTP.  Detailed information comes directly from the Axcient cloud VM.  Cloud replication using ImageManager iFTP is the preferred Axcient cloud backup mechanism.



A machine backed-up from a local server to the Axcient cloud using Axcient’s Online Backup Manager.  This was the primary backup method prior to June 1st, 2016.


Key to Machine (Type) icons (continued)



Local Disk

A machine instance backed-up from a local server to a private network location using Axcient’s Online Backup Manager.

A machine instance backed-up from one location on the local server to another on the same disk or another directly attached storage drive.


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