3. Configure ImageManager - ShadowProtect

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at October 25th, 2021

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redball.gif Configuring Replication to the Axcient Cloud

Settings: Processing Time and Global Retention

After installing ImageManager 7, set up processing time and global retention. 

1.  On the left hand side menu, select Agent Settings:

Note: Select 12:05 AM as the time to run processing each day, (as shown) because ImageManager processes the chain a day behind.

2. Next, set Global Retention using Axcient's recommended minimum settings shown below:

Settings: Add a new Backup Store

Now, add a new “backup store” to manage subfolders. All new subfolders within the new backup store will populate automatically. Right click in the main pane to start managing, or click the yellow folder icon with the green plus, in the top right corner.

Navigate the folder path to the folder (backup store) you wish to manage and click Select.
The Backup Store is the parent folder and all subfolders will automatically be managed.

In the example below, we selected VolumeImages as the backup store to be managed.

4. Make sure that the Folder Type selected is Backup Store. Click Save to save your selection.

The new backup store now automatically populates all subfolders for the individual backups.
The global retention settings configured earlier are applied automatically to all subfolders in this backup store.

Configuring Replication to the Axcient Cloud

To Create a New Replication Job:

1. Under the General tab, select the new destination.

2. Set performance and mode as needed. With the new speeds, you should be able to send the Base image.

NOTE: Make sure you use the SAME subfolder name.(This will allow you to continue the existing replication without starting over.)

3. Click Save to continue.

4. Click the Replication Modetab and select Yes - Replicate only consolidated daily image files:

5. Click Save to complete the process.



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