Dec 2023 - Web 2.79.0 - x360Sync Release Notes

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 18th, 2023


x360Sync Web



Release Date

December 11, 2023


  • The organization administrator can now disable two-step authentication per account, which is helpful when users lose their restore keys. If the organization settings require two-step authentication for all accounts, the user will be prompted to set it up again the next time they log in.
  • When deleting a user's account, the administrator can now choose to keep share links created by that user. In that case, the links will stay active and the organization administrator will be able to manage them.
  • We've improved policy checks in the uploader. If a user tries to upload a file that exceeds the organizational file size limit or has a restricted file type, they will get an error message immediately, without waiting for the upload to finish.
  • The user interface in the drag-and-drop upload dialog is improved. 
  • The breadcrumb navigation for shared folders with deep folder structure is improved.


  • Fixed error messaging for deleting an authentication source
  • Fixed minor UI issues

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