Jun 8 2022 - Manager (RMC) v 4.25

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 17th, 2022


    x360Recover Manager (RMC)  v 4.25

 Release Date:

    June 8 2022 

Enhancements and bug fixes 

  • Hardware serial number is displayed for x360Recover appliances
  • Fixed a bug that was displaying the incorrect time zone in email notifications. (UTC time is now displayed.)
  • Fixed a link to the Quick Reference Guide for PSA integrations
  • Device ID field has been added to the CSV export for the Devices Dashboard
  • Fixed a bug in the Virtual Office usage report to display “none” in current month overage field if the VM was not running
  • Fixed a bug where local cache verification was changing Parked X360Recover devices to Troubled
  • Fixed a bug where the BRC Usage Report was displaying appliance systems as protected servers
  • Optimized page loading performance for Client users
  • Fixed a bug to display an error message when an MFA code is incorrectly entered
  • Optimized rows expansion on the Devices Table
  • Updated the Current Client Health widget to exclude unprotected clients


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