Object backup status report - x360Cloud

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 23rd, 2023


Object backup status report  

If the backup of a single object (email, calendar event or contact) fails constantly during a 24 hour period, the backup status of the respective user account shows as Failed. This type of container backup failure then results in an organization backup status of Partial (even when other containers have backed up successfully.) 

To improve backup health reporting in these situations, we're providing more control over the processing of failed objects - and the first step is awareness: You can now see a list of any failed objects causing backup failures.

  • In x360Cloud v2.62.0, we've added an Object backup status tab to the Reports page.


This new tab shows a list of object versions that have failed to backup, along with the current backup status of those objects. 

  • Object path indicates the path to the object in the source system.
  • Object ID provides an identifier for that object in the source system, so you can locate and verify the details involved. (See Locate an object in the source system.) 
  • Backup status displays the current results.
  • Last backup attempt shows the date and time of the latest backup attempt for the container housing this particular object (e.g. calendar or mailbox of an end user account).



Object backup status types

Backup status can be displayed in one of three possible types:

  • Failure: x360Cloud failed to back up this object version. It will be retried during the next scheduled backup attempt.
  • Success: x360Cloud completed a successful backup of this object version. This can occur even though previous attempts may have failed or a newer version of the object is being backed up (after the object was changed in the source system).
  • Not Available: This status indicates that this object no longer exists in the source system.


Exclude failed object versions

In x360Cloud v 2.75.0, we are providing you with more control over the processing of failed objects. You can now select failed object versions and exclude them from future backup attempts.

For example, if you see that backup for your organization is Partial or Failed, you can navigate to the Object backup status tab on the Reports page and view the failed objects. You can view more details about the failed objects in the side bar, or get the details directly from the source system as described here. You may want to exclude the failed object versions from future backups. To do this, select the objects in the list and click the Exclude Selected button.

Then, confirm the exclusion in the pop-up dialog box by clicking on Exclude Object Versions.

A confirmation flag will appear in the upper-right corner of your screen, with a link to undo the action, if desired.

NOTE: Only objects with a "Failure" status can be excluded. If you attempt to exclude an object with a “Success” or “Not Found” status, the action will be ignored.

The following results occur after an object version has been excluded:

  1.  Next time you open the Object backup status tab, the object will be marked as “Excluded.”  


  2. “User excluded object version(s) from backup” event is logged under the User activity tab on the Audit Log page. A similar event is also logged when Undo is selected. 
  3. The next time x360Cloud schedules backup for the user account, SharePoint site, or shared drive, it will not attempt to back up the excluded object, unless it is changed in the source system. 
  4. If the object is changed in the source system, it will be treated by x360Cloud as a new object version. As a result, the system will attempt to include the object in subsequent backups. If the new backup attempt is successful, the object status will change from “Excluded” to “Success.” It can transition to other statuses based on further changes in the source system that are treated as new object versions by x360Cloud.
  5. Object versions with an “Excluded” status are kept in the report forever. 


  • Objects are only collected in this report when x360Cloud fails to back them up.

This report is not a log of successfully-backed up objects. (The system does not capture objects which successfully backup from the first attempt.)

  • When an object's additional backup attempts succeed, that object's status is transitioned from Failure to Success. After a 30-day retention period, this object record is removed from the list.
  • If, during a further backup attempt, the source system indicates that the object no longer exists, the object status transitions from Failure to Not Available. After a 30-day retention period, this object record is removed from the list.