What Are Axcient Status Updates?

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 31st, 2021

We have created an Axcient status page to provide you with better visibility into the current state of Axcient services.  

  redball.gif To check the status of all Axcient services, please click here:


You can use this status page to: 

  • View scheduled maintenance impacting x360Sync, x360Cloud and x360Recover
  • Learn about active ‘incidents’ with varying severities
  • Obtain a ‘near-real-time’ view of x360Sync, x360Cloud and x360Recover services and sub-services

You can directly view the page (by bookmark) or subscribe via email, text or RSS so that you are notified of all Axcient maintenance, incidents and incident resolutions.

Instructions to quickly set up your customized notifications via email SMS, Atom or RSS feed: 


At Axcient, we value feedback from our customers. Not only do we want to help you quickly resolve your technical issues, but we value your input and build products that incorporate your suggestions.

To contact Axcient Technical Support, call 720-204-4500 or 800-352-0248  or