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Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 27th, 2021


After you configure your client's organization, you will be redirected to the organization's Settings page, where you can:

  • update Services settings
  • review General settings such as contact details
  • manage User settings including adding and deleting organization-level user accounts
For detailed instructions on configuring a full range of client account settings, please reference the x360Cloud User Guide

STEP 1: Update Services settings

While still in the organization's Settings page, you can update the settings for Services.

For example, if you are working with a Microsoft 365 account, you can update the following settings:


 1.  In the read-only Current Backup section, you can view current backup statistics for the organization's account.

 2.  In the Enable services to backup section, use the toggles to turn on and off Office 365 services to be backed up.

 3.   In the User filter settings section, select the users you want to skip for backup. Use the External toggle to skip external user accounts from the backup process.

 4.  In the New Users section, you can automatically back up new user accounts and new SharePoint sites:

  • Use the Automatically back up new Microsoft Office 365 users toggle to automatically back up all new user accounts.
  • Use the Automatically back up new Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint sites toggle to automatically back up all new SharePoint sites.
[Please see the x360Cloud User Guide for complete details on configuring all client organization settings.]

STEP 2:  Review general settings

Click the General tab to view partner information, including partner ID, company name, and contact details.


STEP 3: Manage users

Click the Users tab to view, add or delete existing organization-level user accounts.


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