Sep 2022 - Private Cloud v 3.5.0 - Release Notes x360Sync

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 30th, 2023



     x360Sync Private Cloud 




     September 22, 2022


  • Removed hard coded exclusions for AutoCAD files
  • Added exclusions for AutoCAD files on web for org defaults and retroactive db update
  • Disabled WebDAV access for all roots in an org when WebDAV org policy is disabled
  • Allow admins to manage share links within their organizations
  • Automatically select text in new folder name when creating a new folder
  • Improved reliability of snapshot root operation
  • Improved performance and reliability of scheduled reports
  • Improved performance and reliability of daily digests
  • Improved performance of agents on initial metadata sync
  • Added more detailed logging for some agent errors



  • Agent fails to resume properly after machine is suspended
  • Agent not interrupting upload on pause in certain cases
  • Fixed a credentials dialog issue in agent GUI
  • Fixed service log location to match agent branding on MacOS
  • Several issues related to slow or stalled syncs
  • Server - Deleted roots not being removed from storage
  • Server - 500 server error when deleting/renaming locked items by not lock owner
  • Thick Client - Credentials GUI doesn't appear with Network Credentials warning message
  • Thick Client - Deselected roots are not removed from SyncedFolder
  • Thick Client - FSE mapped roots failing to sync in some cases
  • Thick Client - Folder fails to move in some cases
  • Thick Client - FSE mapped folder ACLs are not lifted properly after unregistering agent
  • Thick Client - Location is not available Quick Access bar with special characters in name
  • Thick Client - Warning icon overlay doesn't disappear when renaming a file/folder with Viewer subscription
  • Thick Client - Does not apply ACLs on the filesystem
  • Thick Client - Service stops for ~15 seconds after the successful installation
  • Thick Client - Cannot remove files with paths longer than 260 characters on Windows
  • Thick Client - GUI crashes when stopping service on MacOS
  • Thin Client - Contents in team share are not populating entirely
  • Thin Client - Crash after updating to build
  • Thin Client - Created collision on untouched file
  • Thin Client - Folder move event fails on thin client v3.4.5
  • Thin Client - Folders taking timestamp of system clock
  • Thin Client - No "Create a desktop shortcut?" text in Thin Client installer
  • Thin Client - PDF and AI files showing as corrupt
  • Thin Client - Some files show blue ‘syncing’ overlay when up-to-date
  • Thin Client - Stuck sync and reparse errors on copying data out of root
  • Thin Client - Sync stalled due to excluded extension in team share
  • Thin Client - Folders inaccessible with error 'The operation could not be completed. A retry should be performed'
  • Thin Client - GetRootMetadata has timed out until service restart
  • Web - "Show deleted" gets disabled when browsing folders/pages
  • Web - 500 error on attempt to view/download shared folder/file with guest account
  • Web - A child org admin could remove a parent org group subscription from a child group
  • Web - After changing role from Editor to Previewer, user can see deleted files if show deleted was toggled on before
  • Web - Autotask: "Could not connect Autotask using supplied credentials"
  • Web - Dialog window titles were incorrect: Erase Revisions and Delete Permanently
  • Web - Filter "modified" by date disables "show deleted"
  • Web - Open in O365 fails intermittently
  • WebDAV - 'Can't read from the source file or disk' error when renaming


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