Jul 2022 - Thin Client v 3.5.0 - Release Notes x360Sync

Written By Heather Hootman ()

Updated at August 1st, 2022


     x360Sync Thin Client




     July 6, 2022


  • MacOS: Log location can now be made to match agent branded name


  • Fixed "Folder exists" error that caused sync up queue to stall
  • Fixed an issue that caused folder move event to fail
  • Fixed issues with warning icon overlay
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect My Files sync status
  • Fixed an issue that caused folders to incorrectly adopt a timestamp reflecting the current system clock
  • "Create a desktop shortcut?" text and checkbox are now visible in Thin Client installer
  • Fixed stalled sync caused by an excluded extension in team share
  • Fixed a database error that occurred upon upgrade
  • Removed counts from metadata sync
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading caused explorer to freeze/unregister
  • Fixed an issue that caused collisions on untouched files
  • Fixed an issue where Sync hung on assertion failed error
  • Fixed an issue where Sync queue stalled with error in thread
  • Fixed an issue where name collisions caused unique constraint errors
  • Fixed an issues that caused agent file system event to drop after process resume
  • Fixed an issue that caused filesystem property changes to get lost
  • Fixed an issue where sync up stalled on assertion failure 
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the agent from interrupting delta upload on pause
  • Fixed an issue where client didn't sync FSE mapped roots
  • Fixed an issue where sync stuck and reparse errors occurred when copying data out of root
  • Fixed an issue with incomplete sync on assertion failed error 


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