How to fix BOOTLDR (or Winload.exe) is Missing error message on Vista/Server 2008 or newer - x360Recover

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 18th, 2022

Issue: BOOTLDR is Missing error on BootVM Check or Live Virtualization

First, ensure that the BCD record or SRP Partition is located on the C: drive volume, and not some other volume or partition.


If you have ever leveraged AppAssure Virtual Standby creation to recover the server, you likely have a 1000MB Disk0 that contains the boot record. If so, delete this device from the source server and perform the repair steps below on the live server to fix BootVM checks.

1. Boot from the appropriate Windows operating installation CD

2. Click Next at the first window, then select Repair Computer

3. Select Use Recovery Tools that can help fix problems starting Windows

Phase 1

a. If the operating system is listed in the selection box, skip to Phase 2, otherwise if it is blank perform the following

b. Ensure that Use Recovery Tools is selected and click next

c. Select Command Prompt

d. Run: CD \Boot

e. Run: Move BCD BCD.bak

f. Run: bootrec /fixboot

g. Run: bootrec /rebuildbcd  (Enter 'Y' when prompted to add discovered Windows installation)

h. Reboot the system and boot from the Operating System install media a second time, start at the top of this article again and proceed to Option 2

Phase 2

If the installed operating system is detected correctly, follow these steps

1. Select the detected Operating system and click next.

2. Select Command Prompt and run the following commands

    i.CD Recovery


3. Complete the wizard. When finished the system should reboot normally.

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