Quest - Rapid Recovery v6.x.x: Recommendations for target Core retention policies

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 31st, 2021

AppAssure v5.4.3 & Rapid Recovery v6.x.x: Recommendations for target Core retention policies


With the introduction of AppAssure v5.4.x, there are many changes to the way rollup works. These changes greatly affect how rollup works on the source and target Cores.

Quest has outlined all of the changes in the below KB article for your reference.

For information on how to enable dissimilar retention policies on the target Core please refer to the KB article by typing this into the search field at the top right of the screen.

With the changes to rollup on version 5.4.x and later, Axcient recommends that you DO NOT configure a retention policy of less than 35 days on a target Core.

Rollup in AppAssure v5.4 and Later

·         The base image gets rolled up

·         Recovery points are rolled up into the earliest recovery point outside of the granularity cell.  That is, if it's configured to keep all recovery points for 7 days, and today is 4/9, the recovery points will be rolled into the first recovery point taken on 4/2

·         If C is being backed up every hour, and E is being backed up every three hours, the two volumes will never be in the same recovery point.  For example, there could be a recovery point of C from 3:00:03AM and a recovery point of E from 3:00:22AM.  Organizing the recovery points by protection groups offers a clearer depiction of how the retention policy will be applied..

NOTE: We also recommend that you only rollup one agent at a time, as running multiple agents simultaneously impacts the rollup performance to the point that it is faster to run them one at a time so each may complete quicker. By default, the core will only rollup one agent at a time, unless triggered manually for additional agents.

We recommend following a minimum retention that is shown below. This allows variable retention over a period of 35 days. Please keep in mind this is only a minimum recommendation.