Quest Rapid Recovery v6.1.3.100 (Formerly Dell Rapid Recovery)

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 31st, 2021

As you may know, Quest recently released a new version of Rapid Recovery, v6.1.3.100.

This updated version is owned by Quest (no longer a Dell Product). It is to prepare users for the upcoming Rapid Recovery 7 which is slated to be released this fall.

At Axcient, our technical team carefully reviews and tests all new releases of software before certifying them for use in our cloud. This ensures we deliver a consistently stable and fast solution. We have now certified this latest version for use in our datacenters.

If you decide to use the LMU (Local Mount Utility) to access your target core data, you will need to install the patch below after the LMU is installed. This patch will only work for v6.1.3.100.

If you are using a prior version to access a target core, please open a ticket to obtain the patch. Please keep in mind that this patch is only available for versions and There is no patch for any other versions of RR6. Versions 5.4.x are not affected by this bug.

LMU Patch v6.1.3.100:

For more info on this latest release, please see below. The latest version Axcient supports is

Please be aware of the updated system requirements for this newest version:

Please let us know if you have any questions. If you need to speak to a support technician on this matter, please open a support ticket or call 800-352-0248.

Additional Resources

This KB from Quest contains info on properly sizing a Rapid Recovery deployment:

Check out this helpful knowledge article:

How to upgrade to the most recent version of Rapid Recovery 6 (181997)

To determine the current support phase of your product, please refer to the Rapid Recovery life cycle table.

Be sure to check out the Rapid Recovery Product Support page to find solution articles, tips and tricks, tutorials, documentation, notifications, life cycle tables, training, and a product user forum.

Important Notice: Due to Quest's recent divestiture from Dell Technologies, they are required to retire any Dell branded software from their support Portal. This means that all software downloads and technical documentation for Rapid Recovery prior to version 6.1.2 will be removed from the Support Portal after November 1, 2017.

Please download any older versions now that you may need for your future use. Quest has confirmed that any existing KB's branded with Dell info will be replaced with Quest's information, so older KB's will continue to remain available under the new branding.

Version Full Support as of: Limited Support as of: Support Ending:
6.1.0    12/12/2016
6.0.2    6/07/2016            2/7/2017                    2/7/2018
6.0.1    2/19/2016            12/12/2016                12/12/2017
5.4.3    2/24/2015            3/12/2017                  3/12/2018
5.4.2    7/10/2014            2/19/2016                  2/19/2017 - Discontinued
5.4.1    4/08/2014            2/19/2016                  2/19/2017 - Discontinued
5.3.x    8/24/2012            2/19/2016                  2/19/2017 - Discontinued

Replay v4.x - End of Life on 9/30/2017


Full Support: Fully Supported, generally available release/version. Enhancement requests for this release are accepted and may be considered for future releases. Maintenance releases and/or hot fixes are periodically made available for this release. Release/Version is fully supported by both support and development at Quest. Release/Version is available for download from the Quest Support Portal.

Limited Support: Limited Support is available for this for this release/version, and we will use best efforts to provide known workarounds or fixes. No new code fixes will be generated except under extreme circumstances and at Quest's discretion. No enhancement requests will be accepted. Customers are encouraged to plan an upgrade to a release/version offering "Full Support"

Support Discontinued: Discontinued Versions which are retired or discontinued. No new patches or fixes will be created for this release. Not available for download from the Quest support portal. Only support provided will be to upgrade to a supported version. Support is NOT obligated to provide assistance on this version of the product.