May 2024 - v3.52.0 - Release Notes x360Cloud

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 11th, 2024




     North America — May 23 2024
     Europe — May 29 2024 


  • Improve user experience with web application times
  • Improve stability of backups and restorations
  • Fix defects in UI\UX and address issues reported by users


  • Fixed issue when search in “Filter by Collection“ in Smart Search is not showing any results.
  • Fixed issue when organization-level users were not able to set up MFA. 
  • Fixed issue with “Data Backed Up” always shown to be 0 bytes in the Recent Activity on the Dashboard page.
  • Infrastructural improvements resulting in better web application performance. 
  • Fixed issue when restoration for some emails was failing due to invalid email address in “Reply To” field of email. 
  • Fixed issue with body of Google email not being indexed under specific body length conditions.
  • Fixed issue with Google Workspace data restoration failures sometimes happening due to “InputStream has already been read” error. 
  • Other miscellaneous fixes for issues related to restoration function.

Known issues 

  • When folders are partially selected and restored in x360Cloud Browser, each folder is processed as a separate restoration and is restored to a separate target folder in the target location. 
  • Smart Search shows incorrect number of matching results for Mail when using “Filter by collection”.
  • Descriptions for some issues and backup progress are not shown in the container-level downloadable backup report and on the Reports page.          
  • Archive emails are restored in a separate (timestamped) target folder when restored with general emails.



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