Apr 2024 - v3.50.0 - Release Notes x360Cloud

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at April 22nd, 2024




     Europe — April 11 2024 
     North America — April 1 2024


  • Improve user experience with folder search and restoration
  • Improve stability of backups and restorations
  • Fix defects in UI\UX and address issues reported by users


Ability to search for a specific type of folder -  Microsoft 365 OneDrive, SharePoint and Email

As we add support for folder search (and browsing) using more data types in x60Cloud, the ability to differentiate searching for different types of folders is becoming a critical piece. 

In x360Cloud version 3.50.0 we introduced separate options for filtering by object type: 

-    OneDrive Folder 

-    SharePoint Folder

-    Email Folder

Note: Some older organizations in x360Cloud may be missing “SharePoint Folder” or “Email Folder” options, as we are still working on matching old data in backups with the folder index. But all options are available for any new organization you create in x360Cloud. 

How to

If you are searching for a specific folder, navigate to the Search page and specify the folder type you are interested in: OneDrive, Email or SharePoint Folder option in the filter: 

Then, enter the desired folder's name pattern, including any desired wildcards, into the search box and press Enter to perform a search by the entered criteria for a folder name.

In case multiple folders are matching the criteria, consider applying filtering by SharePoint site:


  • Fixed issue with Microsoft 365 SharePoint site synchronization failures. 
  • Fixed issue when objects selection on ‘Object backup status” page is lost after navigating among pages. 
  • Fixed the issue when incomplete\unconfirmed attempt to de-select an account from protection was resulting into "User de-selected container from backup" entry created in the Audit log. 
  • Fixed the issue when 'Active users protected' always showed zero users count for NFR organizations. 
  • Miscellaneous fixes for issues related to restoration function

Known issues 

  • When folders are partially selected and restored in x360Cloud Browser, each folder is processed as a separate restoration and is restored to a separate target folder in the target location. 
  • Smart Search shows incorrect number of matching results for Mail when using “Filter by collection”.
  • Descriptions for some issues and backup progress are not shown in the container-level downloadable backup report and on the Reports page.          
  • Archive emails are restored in a separate (timestamped) target folder when restored with general emails.



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