Jul 2020 - v 10.2.1 - Release Notes x360Recover

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 14th, 2021



 Release Date(s):

    Limited release July 30, 2020


Release Overview

x360Recover 10.2.1 is a feature release. The primary focus of this release is the implementation of back end integration of devices into the Axcient Remote Management Console (RMC).

Summary of New Features and Enhancements

  • Back end integration of the License Portal with RMC 
  • Back end integration of appliances and vaults with RMC
  • Back end integration of telemetry services with RMC

Summary of Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with broken network stack when performing OS recovery
  • Fixed issue where ConnectWise ticket is updated every minute if protected system registration fails due to lack of licenses
  • Fixed issue with failed AutoVerify if Windows updates reboots machine repeatedly during testing
  • Made deletion of protected systems in Scale-Out Cloud more resilient in some edge case scenarios
  • Fixed issue blocking seed image import on cloud vaults in some edge case scenarios
  • Fixed bug with USB recovery or migration jobs not actually being stopped when cancelled

Auto Update Best Practices

It is recommended that Enable Auto Update is enabled on the Settings -> Update Manager page on each of your devices. It is also recommended that you enable Auto-Enable Remote Assist When Upgrading so that remote access will be available to our development team should something go wrong with your upgrade. This will ensure that your devices are updated with the latest software enhancements in a timely fashion, and that the Support team will have a short window of time to access and repair any troublesome devices without requiring user intervention.


Integration of x360Recover into Axcient RMC

The Axcient Remote Management Console (RMC) is the central control console for managing Axcient BRC and Fusion products.  x360Recover is being integrated with RMC to provide centralized control and management of all x360Recover products from a single console.  RMC will ultimately replace the Global Management Console for remotely accessing, managing, and monitoring your devices.

This release provides for back end integration only.  User access to RMC will be released later this year in a follow-up release.

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