Veeam - Creating a Backup Copy Job [SECTION #3: BDR for Veeam Setup Guide]

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 9th, 2021

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Note: A backup copy job is required for the seed process. Please complete the following steps to create a backup copy job. 

1. Select Backup & Replication on the left, then click the Jobs option.
2. Select Backup Copy on the menu bar to create a backup copy job.

3. Type a name for the job in the Name field.

4. Select the frequency, day, and time schedule in their respective fields for the backup job, then click Next.

5. Click Add and select From Backups… on the drop-down list.


6. Select the backup you want to preload and click Add.

7. After reading the encryption notice, click OK to continue.

8. Select the repository that you created on your external disk in the Backup repository drop-down list.
Then, choose the number of restore points you want to keep offsite in the Axcient Cloud. The recommended maximum retention rate for off-site data is 60 days.
To change the settings, select the checkbox for Keep the following restore points for archival purposes, change the settings, then click Advanced.


9. On the Advanced Settings page, click the Storage tab.

10. Check the Enable backup file encryption checkbox and select the encryption password that matches the local backup job in the Password drop-down list.

11. Click OK to close the Advanced Settings window, then click Next on the Target page.

12. Select Direct for the data transfer method, then click Next.

13. Enter your Backup Copy Job schedule and click Create.


14. Review the Summary page to ensure that the correct options have been selected, then click Finish.

15. The backup copy job should now begin. If it does not start, select your backup copy job name from the list and click Sync Now on the menu bar.


16. After the backup copy job completes, select your backup copy job name on the list and click Disable on the menu bar. This completes the backup of the seed data to your external drive.

17. Disconnect the external drive and contact Support or call 678-373-0109/1-800-352-0248 to open a ticket before sending your drive.

After the Axcient Data Center has received your drive, they will upload the data from your external drive to your cloud repository and notify you by email when the process is completed.

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