Veeam - Connect Veeam to Axcient [SECTION #2: Axcient BDR for Veeam Setup Guide]

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 9th, 2021

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To use your new Axcient Cloud Repository, you must add Axcient as a service provider on the Veeam backup server. First, verify that you have documented the following information:

  • The user name and password for your customer’s user account created on the Axcient Cloud Repository.
  • The DNS name of the cloud gateway that is being used to communicate with the Veeam cloud connect infrastructure.

         For example:

To add Axcient as a service provider:

1. Click the Backup Infrastructure tab on the left and select the Service Providers option, then click Add Service Provider.

2.  In the DNS name or IP address field, type the DNS name sent to you for your cloud server (such as .

The Description field will auto-populate. You can leave the description as it is, or you can type a specific description (such as Axcient.)

3. Verify that the Port field is set to 6180. This will be used to communicate with the Axcient cloud gateway.

4. Click Next to continue.

5.  Under the Credentials tab, leave the Thumbprint for certificate verification field blank.


6a . If you have already added the user account that you created on the cloud server, you should see that account in the Credentials drop-down list. Select the desired account from the Credentials drop-down list, click Next to continue and skip to step 9 in these instructions.

6b. If you have not already added the user account that you created on the cloud server, the account will not yet be visible in the Credentials drop-down list yet.  To add the account, click Add and then Next to continue.


7.  If you don‘t already have credentials available in the drop down list, type the username and password you created in Section 1 and click OK to continue. 


8. Verify the new credentials are selected in the drop-down list and click Next to continue.


9. On the Resources page, the list of Available cloud repositories is now displayed. Please wait for processing to complete, then click Next to continue.


10. On the Apply page, click Next to apply the changes.

11. Review the Summary page information to ensure that Axcient has been added as a service provider and is properly configured, then click Finish.

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