Veeam - How to back up directly to the Axcient Cloud [Veeam® Agent for Windows]

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 31st, 2021

[This is a chapter in the Veeam Agent for Windows® – Axcient Cloud Guide]

This method can be used in the event there is no suitable local storage available to hold the Agent backup data.  You will need to create the tenant object on the desired Axcient Cloud Vault prior to performing these steps.  Instructions on how to create the tenant object can be found on page 5 of the Axcient BDR for Veeam Cloud Connection Guide.

1. Launch the Veeam Agent for Windows application and click the About tab.

  1. If this is a fresh install, the Agent will be set to the Free Edition. Click the Update license to get additional features link to apply either a workstation or server license.  If you already have the license applied, skip to step 6.


  1. Click Install.


  1. Browse to your Veeam Agent license file, select it and click Open.


  1. The Agent will automatically select the correct type of license based on the version of Windows you have installed. Click Close.


  1. Return to the Status tab and click Configure backup.

  1. Select Entire computer and click Next.

  1. Select Veeam Cloud Connect repository and click Next.


  1. Enter the address of the Axcient Cloud Target you want to use and click Next.


  1. If you get a security alert about the certificate, click Continue.


  1. Enter the Username and Password for the tenant and click Next.


  1. Select the number of Restore points to keep and click the Advanced


  1. Go to the Storage tab and check the box to Enable backup file encryption.
  2. Enter what you would like to use as your encryption key and click OK.


  1. Click Next.

16. Click Next.


  1. Click Next.


  1. Select the schedule you would like to use for this Agent backup job and click Apply.


  1. Click OK on the warning about wake up timers.


  1. Review the summary and click Finish.

The Veeam Agent is now configured to backup directly to your Axcient Cloud Vault.

If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to Axcient Veeam Support at 800-352-0248 Option 2, or submit a ticket at