Backup for Files - Moving the Backup for Files installation directory to a different location

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at October 5th, 2023


The Backup for Files product keeps an incremental backup cache in a subdirectory of the installation folder. The incremental backup cache is about 1.5% of the size of the backed up data. If you are backing up a large amount of data, this incremental backup cache can grow to be large, so you may need to move the installation directory to a different volume where there is more room for it.

Follow this article if you want to move the installation of the Backup for Files product without losing your incremental backup cache or settings.


Please follow these instructions precisely. The order of these steps is important. If you have questions about your particular scenario, please contact us.

The following instructions are for the Windows software agent. If you need instructions for other platforms, please contact us.

1. Set the backup schedule to manual and stop all backups.

Open the backup manager program. On the Schedule tab, set all of the backup schedules to manual. Make sure that no backups are running.

2. Export the profile to a safe place.  

Click on File > Export Profile in the backup manager software. 

3. Stop all services and exit all programs. 

a. Open the backup manager program, and click the menu item File -> Exit to completely exit the program. 

NOTE: Just clicking the X button will not fully close the program.

b. Open Windows services (Start, run, services.msc) and stop the "(YourBrand)" service and the "(YourBrand) Server" services. (For example, stop the "Online Backup" service.)

4. Use explorer to move the files to the desired location.

Use Windows explorer to move the install directory from (ProgramFiles)\(YourBrand) to the location of your choice.

IMPORTANT: Do not start any of the programs or restart any of the services yet.

5. Install the software again.

In order for the software to work properly, it must know that it will be running from the new location where you moved it to.

To do this, run the setup executable for the Backup for Files software, and when it asks where to install it to, install it to the new location where you moved the previous installation.

IMPORTANT: Do *not* uninstall the software before reinstalling it. Running through the setup program again will preserve all of your settings and the incremental backup cache. This ensures everything is setup properly for the software to run in the new location.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: It is critical that you install the software using the same branded setup that you used to previously install the software

If the software reinstalls properly, it will restart all of the appropriate services.

6. Verify the configuration.

Start the backup manager.

On the Folders page, verify that all of the folders you had added into the backup job are still there and that their location has not changed.

7. Reschedule backups.

In the backup manager, use the Schedule page to reschedule your backups so that incremental backups will continue from where they left off.

CAUTION: If you are unsure about any of the above steps in this process, please contact technical support for clarification.



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