OBM local backup repository service won't start (0x20000) - Backup for Files

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 28th, 2021


The local backup repository service fails to start, with an error message similar to the following:

ERROR: 0x20000 (Code: 20000): The storage repository '<name>' does not exist. Use the Configure page of the <name>Server Manager to create and initialze the storage repository. {eFS:LSerServer:112}

ERROR: The <name>Server service is exiting because initialization could not be completed.

This error message can occur for several different reasons:

  • The storage repository needs to be reinitialized.
  • The destination is a network mapped drive, and the network mapped drive became disconnected.
  • The destination is a network mapped drive, and the server that it is mapped from had an unclean shutdown or another factor causing it to be reachable via ping, but cannot be found on the network.
  • The destination is a physically attached or internal drive that is detached or otherwise failed.


  1. Check to see that the directory mentioned in the error message still exists.
  2. If the directory is a network mapped drive, check the mapped location server to ensure it can be mapped to.
  3. If the directory is a local disk, ensure it is attached, and has no errors.
  4. If the directory is a local disk, ensure the drive letter has not changed.  


  1. Try to reinitialize the backup repository, using the Server Manager. (https://training.securewebportal.net/kb/BACKUP_FOR_FILES/Backup-Users-Guide.pdf- Page 22.)
  2. Try to remap the location, if it is a mapped drive (ensuring it maintains the same drive letter.)
  3. Reattach the location drive, if it is an external drive, or troubleshoot the issue if it is an internal drive.
  4. After the location is back online, and accessible, you will need to refer back to step 1. of the resolution to reinitialize the location. No data will be lost if it is the same location.

NOTE: You may still be able to ping the server; That does not mean that it can be mapped to. Try an "nslookup" on that server, to see what it returns. That is a good indicator something is wrong.

NOTE: Share caching may be turned on within the share, if it is a mapped drive. If this is the case, reinitialization will seem to succeed (in the Backup Manager software,) but the service will still not start. In this case, the drive must be unmapped, then remapped.

If you are still experiencing problems or have questions, please open a ticket.