Backup for Files - Backup fails due to "Your pass phrase has changed" error

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 31st, 2021


The backup fails with an error message similar to the following:
ERROR: 0x30000: Your pass phrase has changed since your last backup. This change of pass phrase must be approved by your administrator. Please contact customer service.


Our server prevents data from being uploaded to an account that was encrypted with a different pass phrase previously used to upload data without approval from the reseller or customer service. This is to ensure that a pass phrase cannot be changed (accidentally or otherwise) without both the user and the reseller's knowledge.


Please review the following 3 scenarios and pick the one that best matches the situation:


Scenario 1 - Existing Installation (passphrase change was accidental/unintentional):
NOTE: If this is an EXISTING installation AND use of a different pass phrase for the account was unintentional, Simply restore the profile and cache using the following steps:

  1. Download the settings profile. Start the backup manager program.
    NOTE: Do not reconfigure the settings. Use the Control Panelpage to start the file manager. Use the file manager to restore all of the files in the @@SoftwareSettings folder to your desktop.
  2. Import your settings profile. In the backup manager, use the File, Import Profile menu command to import the settings profile file that you restored from above. This will re-import most all of your settings as they existed during your last backup.


Scenario 2 - NEW Installation -or- Recovered Installation:
NOTE: If the pass phrase was NOT updated and this is a new machine or recovered machine (after a crash) then importing the profile AND incremental backup cache will correct the issue.

Please review this article for details.

NOTE: If the pass phrase is not known, FIRST use the pass phrase recovery feature to recover the pass phrase and then follow the KB article (link above).

Scenario 3 - Existing Installation AND a NEW pass phrase is desired:
WARNING: If changing the pass phrase is intentional, IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO Delete/Destroy ALL data previously uploaded with the old pass phrase FIRST before proceeding.

NOTE: Once all data has been deleted/destroyed, A reseller can then use the 'Reset Pass Phrase Lock' command on the Account Operations section of the account list page in the web portal in order to allow data to be uploaded using the new pass phrase.
NOTE: Is NOT recommended to change the pass phrase unless all prior backed up data has been destroyed for that account. This will ensure that the new and old backup sets does not use two different pass phrases accidentally.