Backup for Files - How do I continue incremental backups after migrating to a new computer?

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 31st, 2021


There are scenarios where you want to move the backup software from one computer to another, preserving the account information, passphrase, and incremental backup cache. You may need to do this if you are replacing an old computer with a new one, or if you need to reload the operating system from scratch on the same computer, etc. This article will describe how to reliably transfer the backup settings and the incremental backup cache.

If you have completely lost the program files on your old computer (e.g., due to a hard drive failure or system crash), the instructions are different. Please follow the instructions for restore data and continue incremental backups after computer crashes instead.


Please follow these instructions precisely. The order of these steps is important. If you have questions about your particular scenario, please contact us.

  1. Copy your data files to the new computer. It will be easiest if the files on the new computer have the exact same location as they did on the old computer, although it doesn't have to be this way.

    Tip: You can perform steps 2 - 5 while your data files are being copied. Do not continue to step 6 until all of your files have finished copying to the new computer. 
  2. VERY IMPORTANT: Set backup schedules to manual on the source. On the old computer, change the backup schedule to manual for all backup destinations.
  3. Export your settings profile. On the old computer, open the backup manager, and use the File, Export Profile command. This profile file will contain all account settings, including account password and pass phrase. (If you do not see the command, upgrade to the latest version.)
  4. Download and install the backup manager onto the new computer.
  5. Move the incremental backup cache to the new computer. Move (not copy) all of the incremental backup cache files from the old computer to the new computer. This information is located in the (installed-folder)\folder-cache and (installed-folder)\folder-cache-local folders. Move these folders so that they are in the corresponding location on the new computer.
  6. Import your settings profile on the new computer. On the new computer, use the File, Import Profile command to import the settings profile you exported in step 1. This will re-import most all of your settings as they existed during your last backup.

    : DO NOT confirm ANY account information! DO NOT "Test Connection". This information will be confirmed once it is SAFE to do so.

    : Ensure all backup schedule(s) are disabled (in the backup manager) and DO NOT start any backups until you have completed the next steps otherwise your data set size may duplicate (doubling in size).
  7. Update Folder locations. On the new computer, go to the Folders page. If any of the folders are in a new location on the new computer, highlight the folder and click the Move button to change the location.

    NOTE:  Go to the Folders page. If any of the folders are in a new location on the new computer, highlight the folder and click the Move button to change the location. Select the location that represents the exact same location that was previously selected for your top-level folder. This is very important this is done correctly. If you have questions, please contact us.
  8. Verify your settings are correct using Visualize! On the Folders page, use the Visualize! button to verify that your backup policies are correct -- anything that you expect to be backed up should be highlighted in green. Anything you do not expect to be backed up should be highlighted in red or gray.
  9. Once the above steps have been completed successfully, confirm account information. Go to the My Account page and re-enter your username that previously was backing up the data on this computer.
  10. After above steps are complete without error: The Backups Schedule can be enabled. On the new computer, use theSchedule page to set a new backup schedule.


  • If the old computer will still be operational, you should remove the account information on the old computer and change the schedule to manual (if it is not already). It is not correct to use the same account for two different computers. You should always use a new sub-account for the new computer if you will need to continue to backup information on the old computer.