BRC - How to use the BRC Admin Console

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 31st, 2023

For our partners running AxOS 7.0.0 or later, the BRC appliance Admin Self-Service Console enables partner administrators to handle routine appliance maintenance via an Interactive Appliance Shell.

Accessing the BRC Admin Console on the BRC appliance

The Admin Console can be accessed from the RMC Service Details page.

Note: Please contact Axcient Support to enable the Console button on the RMC Service Details page.

Operating the BRC Admin Console

Once user authentication is complete, you will be redirected to an interactive shell.


Main Menu Options

Option 1: Upgrade appliance

This option provides a list of available AxOS versions.

The appliance will be automatically rebooted when the upgrade process is complete. The available OS list includes the current version of AxOS on the appliance, the latest stable version, and up to three previous versions. Rollback is not possible.

OS upgrade will not proceed in the following situations:

  • Failover VM is running on the appliance
  • Stopped failover VM exists on the appliance
  • DAS device is connected (all types of DASes – restore/export etc)
  • BMR is running
  • There are exposed Samba shares (VMDK export)
  • Offsite is running
  • HW/software RAID has problems

Option 2: Scratch cleanup

This option cleans up the scratch space directory, which contains AxOS related logs.

Option 3: Change backup mode

This option lists the device name, Job ID, and the current backup mode.

You can change the backup mode by selecting one of the available options in the list.

Option 4: Force-stop failover VMs

This option provides a list of the device names and failover VMs that are currently running or hung. Select a VM to force it to stop.

Caution: All applications and files will be closed abruptly without saving changes, and the file system might become corrupt. The Check Disk tool should be run to check disk integrity.

Option 5: Reset locked admin account

This option resets a locked user account. You will be prompted to confirm the action.

Option 6: Reset deferred registration

This option will reset the database entries from failed registration.

Note: This option will not resolve the issues that caused registration failure, and there is no guarantee that re-registration will be successful.

Option 7: Check XFS health

This option provides XFS health checks and repairs if required.