BRC - Errors occur compressing system state backup

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 31st, 2023

Problem: The user receives the following error, which will only appear if the user is replicating the system state:

Backup 'Backup Job' on Device Failed --- Error - winexe returned error:
An error occurred compressing system state backup.
Errors occurred saving system state.
Errors occurred preparing the client machine for impending backup.
Errors occurred during task execution.

Cause: This is error is produced when the target device does not have enough space for Windows to create the system state.


  • Contact Axcient Support . We can move the system state creation to another drive if there is room.
  • If there is no room, the user can attach a USB device to add more space to allow the system state to be created.