BRC - Previous VSS snapshot not detected [Name: axfilter_etl_session] error

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 31st, 2023

Problem: When a replication job fails, it will run into this specific error:

Backup for "Backup Job" on DeviceFailed --- Error - winexe returned error: 
The command completed successfully. Name: axfilter_etl_session Age Limit: 15 Buffer Size: 64 Buffers Written: 1 Clock Type: System Events Lost: 0 Flush Timer: 0 Buffers Free: 12 Buffers Lost: 0 File Mode: Sequential File Name: C:\Axcient\<sid>\SVA\1\16\axfilter_curr.etl Logger Id: 3 Logger Thread Id: 3556 Maximum Buffers: 256 Maximum File Size: 0 Minimum Buffers: 16 Number of buffers: 16 Real Time Buffers Lost: 0 The command completed successfully. Previous VSS snapshot not detected. Please contact Axcient Technical Support for further assistance. Errors occurred preparing the client machine for impending backup. Errors occurred during task execution.

Cause: This is error occurs when the Intelligent Replicator has issues starting up correctly, which causes the replication job to fail.

Solution: This will require the user to contact Axcient Support in order to resolve.