BRC - Axcient Appliance cannot access Web Application

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 31st, 2023

Problem: Axcient appliance is not accessible/cannot access the Axcient Web Application.

Cause: There is a connectivity issue with the Axcient appliance that is not allowing it to reach the Web App.

Solution: To check connectivity between the Axcient appliance and the Web App, do the following:

1. Log in to the Unified Management Console (UMC) of the target appliance by entering the IP address of the appliance.

2. Click the System tab in the top navigation menu. 

3. Click the Network Utilities option.

4. Click the Connectivity Health button, which automatically tests access to the Web App (and gateway, DNS lookup, and port 22).

A number of conditions can prevent access to the Web App.



One or more appliance network settings are not correct.

Click the UMC system tab and then thenetwork settings option to verify that the IP address, gateway, domain, workgroup, and DNS server are all correct, or update them as needed.


A needed port is not open.

The appliance communicates with the Web App at various times through ports 22, 443, and 4015. Verify these ports are open to the appliance, or open them if they are not.


A web proxy is blocking access.

Configure the Axcient appliance for the proxy server. See the “Configure Web Proxy” section in the System Management chapter of the Axcient UMC User Guide for this procedure.


Network access to the appliance or the Internet is down.

The problem is often a transient network issue, but it will require more depth analysis of the network if the problem persists.


Appliance has not been registered.

Register the appliance using the Register Now link provided on the UMC Dashboard.