CONTINUITY CLOUD - ShadowProtect for Axcient BDR

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at October 4th, 2021

1. Process Overview: Restore Backups from Storage Nodes

There are two methods available to restore your backup chain to an Axcient Continuity Cloud node. 

Your choice of methods depends on how you have previously uploaded your backups:


2. Start the Virtual Firewall [step-by-step instructions]

3. Manage the Virtual Firewall [step-by-step instructions]

4. Virtualize Restored Servers  [step-by-step instructions]

After your ShadowProtect data has been fully copied to the Continuity Cloud (CC) node, it is ready for near-instant virtualization. To do this, we use StorageCraft’s VirtualBoot, within SPX,  to create a virtual machine (VM) for each server to be virtualized.

5. Cleaning up

When you have finished with the Axcient Continuity Cloud, the best practice is delete any of your data on the X:  (using Windows Explorer), and then securely erase all of the free space on the drive. To do this, open a  command prompt and run the command “sdelete -c X:” This is the most secure method to erase any files you have deleted.

Note: To ensure that you are no longer billed for the Axcient Continuity Cloud service, you must update or submit a ticket  indicating that you are finished with the node(s) that have been provisioned for you. Please note that once you have  submitted a ticket indicating you are finished with the node, you will no longer have access to the machine and Axcient will wipe and reimage the machine from bare metal. 

Please make sure you have any data that you need before submitting a ticket indicating that you are finished with the nodes.


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