Backup for Files - How to tell how much data is selected before starting the backup

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 31st, 2021


Determine how much data is selected (for backup) before the initial backup to make sure it is within the quota (if one exists for this account). This can be done using the Visualize feature on the Folders page within the Backup Manager.


  1. Open the Folders page in the Backup Manager.
  2. Click the Visualize button. Maximize the window to see the results better.
  3. The disk usage will be calculated in the background. The process may take a while because it has to list all of the files that are chosen to be backed up.
  4. Look at the text area on the bottom of the window. It has detailed information about how much data will be backed up (look for the words "Amount to backup in all folders"). If it says "Calculating" then you will need to wait until it has finished searching for data.

The "Data to Backup" and "Excluded Data" columns are also useful in helping you determine how much data will be backed up. These columns represent how much data will be backed up or excluded within that folder and all of its subfolders. For example, the "Data to Backup" column for C: represents how much data will be backed up anywhere on C:


  • If data is included or excluded on the Visualize menu, you need to right click a folder and choose "Refresh Disk Usage" after you are done making changes. Otherwise, the information displayed will not be up to date.