Backup for Files - [2017a] Online Backup Manager Release #: 3.19.57

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 31st, 2021

 Online Backup Manager Release #: 3.19.57
  Download Release Date: 
Week of 02/20/2017                                                                                         Auto Update as Minor Version Release Date: 02/27/2017

OBM version 3.19.57 was released for manual download only (through the Axcient backup portal) on 2/23/2017.  

This release occurred in order to provide ShadowProtect monitoring improvements within Axcient Cloud VMs (target) and Local BDRs (source).

BDR for ShadowProtect Updates

  • Fixed false-positive chain verification errors which often displayed as Null Date errors
    •  Includes fully leveraging the image.exe return codes for chain validations
    • Fixes issues with locked image files
  • Stabilization updates for FTP file transfers from local BDRs to the Axcient cloud
    • Includes ‘send’ errors reported in the OBM log and Backup Portal
  • Machine errors that previously reported in an ‘array’ format no longer display as an array in the portal
  •  Universal C Runtime (UCRT) check now occurs during Online Backup Manager update and install
  • ImageManager now includes the image.exe tool as a part of the base install (with v7.1 and up).  The OBM uses image.exe for chain verification
  • Hyper-V not installed messages are now excluded from ImageManager log parsing

Bugs fixed

  • Initially selecting the Monitor ShadowProtect policy results in blank Comment


NOTE: Currently Microsoft .NET 3.5 (or greater) is NOT required to backup file data or ShadowProtect images to the Axcient cloud. However,  it is needed to fully monitor ShadowProtect/ImageManager backups. We highly recommend upgrading to .NET 3.5 or later to take full advantage of Axcient BDR for ShadowProtect’s granular monitoring features.