Backup for Files - [2016d] Online Backup Manager Release #: v3.15.109

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 31st, 2021

Online Backup Manager Release #: v3.15.109
Release Date: 
Week of 07/18/2016

Axcient BDR for Dell Rapid Recovery

Support for Dell Rapid Recovery (previously named AppAssure) v6.  With this update, partners will be able to reference the Axcient Backup portal to fully monitor their BDRs running Rapid Recovery.  NOTE – Requires Rapid Recovery update 2 for

Axcient BDR for ShadowProtect

  •  The OBM now reads ShadowProtect image file headers to generate a machine instance list that can be viewed in the Axcient Backup Portal.  Previously, the OBM was dependent upon ShadowProtect’s image.exe tool to read image file headers.
  • "Orphaned” machine instances are now reported correctly.  An orphaned machine instance occurs when the ShadowProtect image file’s header is unreadable (corrupted).  Orphaned machine instances count towards a partner’s cloud storage usage, but do not count as a unique machine (server or desktop).
  • Data usage per machines (shown in the Dash Panel) now displays the amount of GBs backed up to the Axcient cloud (via legacy Backup or iFTP replication) as opposed to the size of the monitored directory.

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed issue with logging when the machine list generated cannot run (BDR for ShadowProtect)
  • Fixed issue generating machine lists when the folder policy target no longer exists (BDR for ShadowProtect)
  • Fixed issue generating machine lists when the target of the folder policy does not exist (BDR for ShadowProtect)
  • Collector no longer crashes when running in an environment with Dell Rapid Recovery v6 (BDR for AppAssure)