Backup for Files - [2016a] Online Backup Manager Release #: 3.17.38

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 31st, 2021

Online Backup Manager Release #: 3.17.38
Download Release Date: 
Week of 09/26/2016                                                                                         Auto Update as Minor Version Release Date: planned for 10/5/2016

OBM version 3.17.38 was released for manual download only (through the Axcient backup portal) on 9/28/2016.  An auto-update release will occur shortly.

BDR for ShadowProtect Updates

  • The third party ShadowProtect/ImageManager data collector now targets Microsoft .NET 3.5 and up (mirroring the .NET requirements of ImageManager version 7.)  To view granular monitoring information for each machine backedup by ImageManager, .NET 3.5 or greater must be installed.
  • Granular monitoring now supports SPX installations.
  • The requirement for a Backup Passphrase to monitor ShadowProtect/ImageManager backups has been removed for new implementations.
  • A new backup folder policy called Monitor ShadowProtect Image has been added.  This policy should be used by all partners who want to (a) replicate  ShadowProtect backups to the Axcient cloud using ImageManager iFTP and (b) continue to monitor their local instance of ImageManager.
  • ShadowProtect collector no longer runs when ‘Select’ backup for files service is being used.

General Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Granular monitoring for Dell Rapid Recovery is now supported. (This requires Rapid Recovery patch 6.02)
  • Email archiving features and references have been removed as a part of the end of life of the service.
  • A UNC path issue was fixed, which had caused NAS devices of a specific brand to show an invalid error (about a ShadowProtect/ImageManager broken chain.)
  • An issue was fixed which had caused the ShadowProtect granular monitoring collector to crash if it found full paths exceeding 256 characters.

NOTE: Currently Microsoft .NET 3.5 (or greater) is NOT required to backup file data or ShadowProtect images to the Axcient cloud. However it is needed to fully monitor ShadowProtect/ImageManager backups.  We highly recommend upgrading to .NET 3.5 or later to take full advantage of Axcient's granular monitoring features.