BRC - Failover VM shuts down if the user pauses the VM

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 31st, 2023

Problem: The Failover VM shuts down when the user pauses the Failover VM.

Cause: After the VM starts, it is possible to bring the original device online.

This could lead to several problems.

One can occur if the user issues a subsequent pause command to the VM. Instead of pausing the VM, it might shut down the original server (The VM pause command is the same as issuing a shutdown command.)

Solution: A Failover VM should never run while the original server is still online, because both use the same IP address causing a collision of IP addresses on the network. (This is also true of a test VM if you enter the IP address of an online device).

The Axcient appliance checks for this when attempting to start a Failover VM, and it prevents the VM from starting if the original device is still online.

Do the following:

1. Submit a second pause command to pause the VM.

2. Determine what the desired end result is:

  • If the original server is not available, leave it shut down, and continue working with the VM as desired.
  • If the original server is available, stop the VM, and restart the original server.